It is the goal of the Worship Team and Transitional Care Pastor Lyle Ewing to make worship a time that will stimulate your senses and allow you to begin a new week with your spirit renewed and revitalized. 


Pastor Lyle states:  

There are many quotes out in the world today describing worship.  However, the quote that best sums it up for me is from one of my favorite authors and theologians, Frederick Buechner.

“We find by losing.  We hold fast by letting go.  We become something new by ceasing to be something old.” 

Isn’t it interesting how those three sentences from Buechner’s quote fail to have the word worship included in it, and yet the over-all concept and feeling that you have after reading this quote has everything to say about the aspect of worship!

Worship is not limited to a time, place or thing.  Worship is not limited to simply sight or sound, but can address all the senses!  When we come to worship we let go with the burdens that we entered with in order to be filled with the grace and forgiveness that is ours through Christ Jesus.  We literally “find” Christ by “losing” our self-centered selves!  We let go of the old self, so that the Holy Spirit can fill us with the never-ending peace and joy that is ours in Christ Jesus! 

Here at First Presbyterian Church, we enjoy “all” the aspects that is ours to experience as we worship our risen savior – Jesus Christ! 


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