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Preschool classes serve children ages three through five. All classes are taught by teachers who have a degree in either early childhood development or elementary education. Class size is limited to 14 for three and four day sessions.


We believe that a prepared child is a successful child. Rather than just take care of children, we strive to provide an Adventure in Learning. As a result, children are better prepared for kindergarten and first grade.

  • We show children how to get along with one another;
  • We stimulate their desire to learn;
  • We teach the basics they’ll need for kindergarten;
  • We help children understand directions;
  • We teach children how to listen;
  • We help improve their self-esteem;
  • We show them how to work together;
  • We teach them to respect others.

We are dedicated to providing children with a rich environment, essentially a child’s garden full of opportunities to grow, within which they can reach their fullest potential. We emphasize hands-on learning. As specialists in childhood development, we have created activities that encourage competency in movement, nourish creativity, and stimulate language development.


We strive to attain a balance between a child’s intellectual achievement and social, emotional, and physical well-being. We help our children form strong, positive feelings about self and others and to form satisfying friendships. To provide the very best care, we try to involve the entire family in our efforts. Parents are an integral part of our success. They help with parties, go on field trips, and volunteer in classrooms. There is a parent representative from each class on the W.E.B. Board.


For each child there is a set of goals that we work to achieve during the year. The pathway to these goals is individualized to each child’s needs.



* Development and coordination of small and large muscles;

* Achievement of dimensional sense of oneself in space;

* Competence and a feeling of joy in motor control and balance.



* Ability to play and work cooperatively;

* Achieving satisfying friendships;

* Accepting and respecting differences among children and adults;

* Ability to meet new situations confidently;

* Ability to sustain interest and overcome frustration.



* Pleasure in seeking information for oneself;

* Developing relationship thinking (cause and effect, simple classifying, relatedness of objects);

* Concrete use of one-to-one correspondence, use of counting and awareness of shapes;

* Growing perception of the use of symbols (numbers and letters);

* Competence in effective communication (speaking and listening).



Breakfast is available on a regular basis or as needed.  A nutritious breakfast is prepared and the children have play time (7:45—8:15 a.m.) before the regular session.

For further information please call the church office at 574-583-5787.

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